Life & Wellness coaching
for the broken, exhausted,
hopeless, and overwhelmed

Life Coach Melissa Holman
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Meet your coach

After 20 years as a stay-at-home mom, I went back into the workforce. I had the best job ever, but I did not have the wellness tools or support to manage the stress of working full time and trying to keep my home running full time as well. I burned out and was told I had little time left unless I made a major change.

That change happened in 2020 when my husband and I moved to Guam and the pandemic happened. I was forced to step back from how I had always done life: busy, exhausted, overwhelmed, and broken.

I know not everyone can simply stop their life, and figuring out the right tools to overcome burnout can be difficult.

This is why I became a Life and Wellness Coach for the broken, exhausted, hopeless, and overwhelmed.

I work one-on-one with clients in an intimate coaching setting with personalized support.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to life and wellness, and I want everyone to win!

Let’s Reframe, Restore, and Refresh your Well-being together.

The Powerful and Peaceful Wellness Breakthrough

Get unstuck, be confident, rediscover joy, and deepen your connection to the Divine.

In your Powerful and Peaceful Breakthrough, we will:

  • Diagnose your well-being challenges so you know exactly what’s keeping you stuck
  • Reconnect to your innate wisdom so you can be confident in every area of your life
  • Address the root cause of your stress and discomfort so you can rediscover joy
  • Decode and release your emotional baggage allowing your emotions to be the helpful guide they were intended to be
  • Embrace the stillness of a stress-free life to deepen your connections
  • Renew your energy so you can move through your days with vitality

Your Coaching Package Includes: 

  • 1 90 min. Intensive, where we will nail down your goals
  • 4 months of support through 1:1 sessions (3 weeks on, 1 recalibration week)
  • Session Journal
  • Aromatherapy Support
  • Body Code support
  • Email support between sessions
  • Pay in full or monthly payment option

What Clients are Saying

Melinda J - Vet Tech
Melissa is the step back and see the big picture advisor; the breathe though the hard stuff guru; the Situation Reframer. From the coaching to the aromatics to the energy work, she helped me reframe, and refresh my perspective.

Dawn D - SAHM
Melissa helped me realize that I have the power to achieve joy and peace. I was able to come off of an 18 year dependence on anti-depressants. I finally feel the peace that I've wanted for so long and I finally have the tools to experience this everyday. I have peace and calm in my life.

After coaching with Melissa, I am different. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I can breathe more easily. I feel less stressed. I feel free.

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