What is Lemon Balm Coaching?

Transformational Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching  for moms who secretly struggle with feeling unfulfilled.
I hlep them feel whole again so they can have inner peace and live a life of harmony.

I chose the name Lemon Balm for my coaching business because I wanted to embrace my love of aromatics.

Lemon Balm AKA Melissa officinalis, is an amazing botanical that has beautiful properties.

Salvatore Battaglia states that Lemon Balm “is sovereign for the brain, strengthens the memory and powerfully chases away melancholy.”

Lemon Balm is a beautiful remedy and provides a soothing influence on the Central Nervous System.  It is known for its antidepressant, hypotensive, nervine, sedative, and tonic properties.  It’s has an affinity for cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, skin, and immune issues.  It is gentle on the heart and is a beautiful oil to use in times of bereavement.

As a Life Coach I work with moms who are struggling through a variety of issues and this plant has the potential for so much  healing and comfort!

Are you ready to say "YES" to yourself?

"The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation"


My husband looks forward to may coaching sessions because he has seen the change in me.
Sondra B.
Melissa is caring, patient, and absolutely passonate about coaching.
Maggie D.
Melissa's passionate and positive personality is contagious!!!
Dovlatt D.
She is a great listener, intuitively finding your underlying issues. Melissa was able to talk me straight through my stress to what I was really struggling with,which I had yet to pinpoint myself.
Laura B.
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