Support for Emotional Numbness

*feeling emotionless

*Feeling empty

*feeling disconnected

*feeling tired all the time

If you experience emotional numbness, it can feel like there is no hope, no help, and no expectation that things will ever be different.  But it is possible to heal and overcome this overwhelming existence. 

Emotional Numbness Explained

There is an excellent reason you have become an Unemotional Wreck, which usually goes way back to a time before you even had conscious thought processes.  Your ability to be Unemotional was a response that came online at a very young age to ensure your survival.

You began learning skills to cope with your life before you were born.  Between the ages of 0-5, you learned, at an exponential rate, how to survive in the environment you were in. 

Now, you find those behaviors that once helped you directly get in the way of your goals and dreams.  You wish those behaviors would go away because you realize they no longer serve who you desire to be. 

This fantastic skill that you have, being Unemotional, served a very real and excellent purpose for you when you were younger. Over the years, it has become your Modus Operandi, your MO, just the way you are. On the outside, you look like you have it all together, but on the inside, you know you’re not OK.

Emotional Numbness Symptoms

You were created to be an emotional being. The emotions you have stuffed down throughout your life are now wreaking havoc on your mind, body, and spirit.  You may be experiencing the following:

Wounds that won’t heal
Digestive disorders
Emotional numbness
Unexplainable/Undiagnosable Pain

Maybe you’ve been called an Emotional Zombie, Unemotional, Stoic, or Detached.  Sometimes people see this trait within you and call it strength; perhaps you’ve leaned into it and solidified your Unemotional personality. Maybe you believe this is just the way that you are.

Healing is possible for those with Emotional Numbness

What is happening is that your mind, body, and spirit are disconnected, creating emotional numbness.  They are all working hard to ensure your survival, but they no longer work together, creating immense stress in your body.  You were designed to be one way, but you have had to become someone else to make it through this life.  

What if you could reconnect all of your parts?

What if you could return to who you were created to be?

What if your Unemotional self could safely allow the emotions back in?

As someone who has overcome emotional numbness, I promise, you can too!.