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My Story

In my 40’s, after raising my children, I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up…kind of.  I went back to school and obtained my Aromatherapy Certification from the American College of Healthcare Sciences.  While working with my clients, I discovered that what lit me up was digging deep and uncovering what was the root cause for whatever malady they had brought to me.

During the worldwide Pandemic I went back to school again to pursue my true passion: Helping you succeed. 

When I launched my coaching business, I chose the name Lemon Balm Coaching to embrace my love of Aromatics.

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Who is Coach Melissa?

I am a USAF Security Forces veteran, Boy Scout Leader veteran, Former Bass drummer in Silver Thistle Pipes and Drums, wife, mother, and Memaw.  I am a friend, sister, writer, Coach, Aromatherapist, speaker, Podcast host and so much more. 

For 20 years, I was a stay-at-home-mom and I homeschooled my children.  Throughout my life, I have gained knowledge, experience, and wisdom that I want to share.  I am blessed to be at a time in life where I can share my decades of life experience to help others achieve balance, victory, vision, and transformation.  

I hold space for you  so you feel safe to share without fear of judgement.  Then I offer feedback which comes from a place of experience and genuine caring. You will receive the direction, instruction, and/or information that you need to be able to take the next best step or two.  You will find the concise clarity you need so that you can move forward. 

I believe in service from a place of genuine honesty.

Special Approach To Every Client!

I believe that each and every person on this planet is completely unique: with their own unique experiences, beliefs, and lives. 
I look at each client through a Holistic Lens and I recognize and honor the fact that each of us is 100% completely unique. 
My approach to every client is unique.

YOU are my only focus and the program that we walk through together is as unique as you are.

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