Today, I have nothing left to do.

Well, that’s not completely true.  If you’re like me there are a bunch of things on your rotating “to-do” list- you know things that you don’t get done today, so they end up on tomorrow’s list in hopes of getting it done then.  I am in between semesters, so I’m trying to do all the little things that seem to get put on the “I’ll get to it someday” list.  Before school reconvenes on January 8, I still need to finish up a couple of charts that I’ve been working on to simplify making blends for my Aromatherapy business, I still need to fill in my 2018 calendar with all the important dates: Family and friends birthdays and anniversaries, school start/end dates, my (hopefully) trip out to see my dad at the end of the spring semester before starting chemistry in the summer, events that I will be participating in with my band like Burn’s Night and the World Pipe Band Championships, etc.

So, this morning, I took some time for myself.  After driving about a mile, remembering that I forgot all the things I was going to take, driving back home, and getting the things I was going to take (geez, I would seriously forget my head if it wasn’t attached….seriously), I went and spent time helping my friend unload grain for her farm- I didn’t do too much helping as they had most of it already done by the time I got there (refer to above parenthetical phrase)- , watched one of her amazing border collies run through some of its agility obstacles while trying to keep the border collie puppy still,

Left-Robbie (4 month old puppy); Right-Jamie (rescue dog)

and then took her out to lunch at a favorite local spot– have I mentioned that I really like food!?- we had tomato-basil soup, grilled cheese, and split a very fluffy snickerdoodle for dessert.

We spent time catching up, laughing, and talked about some serious stuff too.  I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for a while due to some external and internal circumstances.  She was asking me what I was doing to cope and I was able to share from personal experience and also from what I have learned through my studies.  Since I do not have permission to share anything else, that will have to suffice.  Let me just say, that

it is wonderful being able to help my friends and family with the knowledge I have obtained over my lifetime and through the last several semester from ACHS.

Here’s What I AM Doing…

So, to fill up the remainder of the day before New Year’s Eve 2017, I am making my laundry soap.  I like to use liquid soap as I have a High Efficiency machine.  The soap is wonderful and smells AH-mazing!  The inspiration for the scent is my shampoo.  I use a lavender-mint shampoo from Paul Mitchell.

Due to the therapeutic nature of aromatherapy blends, and the fact that each blend I create, as an aromatherapist, is made specifically for one person whom I have interviewed and tailored to meet their needs, I don’t usually share recipes.  However, since this is for laundry soap, not something that you would apply therapeutically, I can share the ingredients.

As I type this Blog, my mixture is sitting on the stove cooling, waiting to be bottled, and essential oils added.


Liquid Laundry Soap


  • 2 Gallons Water (I buy drinking water, it’s cheap and gives you empty jugs to store the soap)
  • 1 Bar Lavender Soap, grated (I like to use the soap that I get at my local organic market)
  • 1 Cup Borax (found in your laundry aisle)
  • 1 Cup Washing Soda (ditto above)
  • 40 drops lavender (L. angustifolia) (divided)
  • 60 drops peppermint (M. piperita) (divided)
  1. In large pot (by large I mean one of your grandma’s canning pots) pour 1 gallon of water & grated soap; stir gently until soap is dissolved
  2. Add soda & Borax; bring to a boil (you need to watch your pot….seriously!  The first time I made this soap, it boiled over and made a major mess on my stove!  I still have a drip of soap behind the oven door glass)
  3. Remove from heat and gently add remaining gallon of water (I say gently because…well…it’s soap!  What happens when you agitate soap?)
  4. Allow to cool completely; funnel/ladle into jugs.
  5. Put 20 drops lavender and 30 drops peppermint into each gallon jug.
  6. Replace lid; shake to blend

Shake before use; Add 1/2 cup (maximum) to each load of laundry.

Happy New Year

As many people are out partying, I will be curled up on the couch with my dog, Wags, enjoying some pleasure reading before the next semester begins; The Princess Bride, by William Goldman, will be propped on my lap while I sip an organic Chamomile tea.

As you ring in the new year, I pray you will be safe and that 2018 is a beautiful opportunity for natural remedies and improved health.

As Always…

…if you are interested in therapeutic aromatherapy for a health issue that is plaguing you, please seek out a Registered Aromatherapist near you who can create custom blends to target the needed areas.