Merry Christmas! Finals are DONE!

In the classic movie “A Christmas Story,” Ralphie dreams of getting an ‘A’ on his Theme Paper.  The teacher wades through a stack of substandard submissions and finally arrives on the Protagonist’s stellar work and swoons over his eloquent description of what he wants for Christmas.

As I sat in front of my laptop on Saturday morning preparing myself to tackle my final exam, Ralphie’s Red Ryder literary submission came to mind.  Now, Ralphie dreamed of getting that “A + + + + +…”…I was just hoping that I wouldn’t forget too much!

There was so much information to remember for the test.  I have shared a bit in my previous blogs about the chemical constituents that make up each individual essential oil.  I have shared with you a bit about the variety of therapeutic uses of each oil.  I have shared with you a bit the medicinal uses of each oil.  How in the world was my brain going to retain that much information???!!!

I am happy to report that as I worked my way through the multiple choice questions, the answers came pretty easy….I guess I do remember!  The essay questions didn’t exactly flow from my keyboard, but I did work my way thorough each one and was happy with what I wrote.  I scored a 96% on the test and one of the questions I should have gotten right, I just misread the text so, I answered incorrectly.  I immediately messaged my Professor to let her know that I, in fact, did know the answer to the question.  So, with my final completed, I have only one semester left until I complete my courses and am eligible to take the Registered Aromatherapist Exam through the Aromatherapy Registration Council.

What’s Next?

As I said, I will be finished with my Aromatherapy Certificate through the American College of Healthcare Sciences.  At that point I am eligible to take the test.  However, when perusing their website, I found that I can continue on to their Master Certificate program (NOT a Master’s Degree), which is an additional four classes.  So, I went ahead and dove right in to the deep end and next summer will be the Chemistry of Aromatherapy followed by three….yes, three….Anatomy and Physiology classes.  I do not have to complete those classes to take the test, but the information that I will gain, will go a LONG way in my Aromatherapy Practice.

Texas = Congestion

So, until I take and pass (thinking positive) the test, I will continue to practice my Aromatherapy skills.  Just this morning, before leaving for work, I made a blend for someone who is struggling with chest and head congestion…it is cedar season here in South Texas.  He wanted a natural way to promote healing in his body instead of taking prescribed or over-the-counter decongestants.  So,

I created for him what I’m calling The Texas Expectorant.

For those who do not, or have never, lived in South Texas….you just do not understand!  It never gets cold enough here for long enough to kill ANY ALLERGEN!  Whether it’s plant matter, animal dander, or any other thing you can think of that will make you suffer.  We even deal with mold because when it rains, it immediately gets hot again and produces the most amazing environment that causes mold to produce, and produce, and produce!

The blend I created for him is for inhalation only.  It should be used in a diffuser, in the shower, on a tissue, or through steam inhalation.  It does not have any base oils blended in, so topical application is not recommended.

Texas Expectorant

contains (ratios intentionally not shared):

  • Eucalyptus E. globulous
  • Pine P. sylvestris
  • Tea Tree NZ L. scoparum
  • Thyme T. vulgaris

Each one of these oils is recommended for catarrh and have an expectorant action due to their chemical constituents.

Looking Ahead

So, looking ahead to after I pass my test, I am starting to consider names for my business, mission statement, and vision statement.  I am hoping that people will begin to see the viability of using essential oils to boost their bodies and promote wellness through natural remedies.

As always, if you’re looking to better your health through Aromatherapy, please contact a Registered Aromatherapist for a consultation.  You will never know if essential oils will work for you if you don’t give them a try.

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