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The Aromatic Chat Podcast introduces you to Registered, Clinical, and Certified Aromatherapists around the world.

I am your host, Master Transformational Coach, and Registered Aromatherapist, Melissa.  

Join me every other week as I chat with Aromatherapists and hear about their Aromatic journeys and how they use essential oils in their lives and businesses.

The mission of Aromatic Chat is to help you find the Aromatherapist that meets your needs and inspires and encourages you.

Every year, I ask a friend to interview me on Aromatic Chat so that my listeners can learn more about my Aromatic Journey and how I am using essential oils in my life and business.  

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Connect listeners with the Aromatherapist that meets their wellness needs.

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Healing with essential oils with Aromatherapist, Melissa Holman
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If you are a Registered, Clinical, or Certified Aromatherapist, I would like to extend an invitation to be a guest on the podcast. Simply Click the button to the right to fill out a quick form and I'll get back with you as soon as I can.