Spa Aromatherapy Transformation

Increase your Spa Revenue with a high quality Aromatherapy protocol

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is something that most clients expect a high end spa to offer.  A Spa Aromatherapy Transformation will ensure your Spa is the one that clients will want to visit.

Most massage therapists have been introduced to essential oils in their training, but have not been fully trained on the safe practices of administering Aromatherapy to their clients.

With a Spa Aromatherapy Transformation, that is customized for your spa with safety and experience woven throughout your proprietary blends, when tourists, as well as your local clientele, schedule a visit to your spa, they will see your spa as the premier spa that is customer focused and the one to return to again and again.

Learn more about why it’s important to have a Safe Aromatherapy protocol in place for you clients here

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The Aromatherapy Spa Transformation

I am the only Registered Aromatherapist on the island of Guam and I can create an Aromatherapy protocol for your spa.  When you schedule your Aromatherapy Spa Transformation, you will get:

  • Up to 4 Proprietary Customized Blends- created specifically for the atmosphere of your spa
  • Training for staff on how to store and use your proprietary blends safely
  • Information for your therapists regarding safe Aromatherapy massage
  • Sourcing your essential oils to ensure you are getting the best quality and value
  • A continued relationship allowing us to work together to ensure your program is always up to date and meeting your clientele right where they are

If you already have an Aromatherapy protocol in place I can evaluate your program to ensure client safety and proper storage and use.  When you schedule your Aromatherapy Spa Transformation, you will get:

  • A thorough evaluation and assurance that your supplies are stored properly
  • A complete check of your inventory for oxidation and rancidity
  • Evaluation of your inventory to check for expired oils
  • Confirmation that your Aromatherapy protocols are at the proper dilution and safe for use on most clients

Why Hire an Aromatherapist

Essential Oils are an amazing addition to your spa experience.  However, essential oils do come with cautions and contraindications that most massage therapists have not been trained to recognize.  As a Registered Aromatherapist (RA), I have received over 300 hours of training in

  • Essential Oil Monographs
  • blending
  • chemistry
  • safe use and storage
  • organoleptic testing

I know how to safely blend essential oils at the proper dilution to target specific issues that your clients may be coming to your spa to address like:

  • muscle tightness
  • lymph drainage
  • relaxation
  • and more
image of Aromatherapist, Melissa Holman
I will ensure that the blends I create will be safe for use on most clients
and will provide cautions and contradictions for all proprietary blends to ensure the safety of your clients and your therapists.  

The improper use of essential oils can cause lasting damage.  There are documented cases of:
Blistering – Severe Shortness of Breath – Rashes – Itching – Burning – Hives – Nausea & Vomiting – and more

Transform Your Spa’s Aromatherapy

Make sure you have the best program in place for your local clients and for when tourism resumes on Guam. 
Schedule a time to discuss your Aromatherapy program so we can ensure yours is the best and safest Aromatherapy protocol on Guam.

Schedule your complementary 30-minute Spa Aromatherapy Transformation Consultation to determine if creating and/or evaluating your Aromatherapy protocol is the right move for your spa.