The Power of Acceptance

The Power of acceptance We always hear about the power of forgiveness, but I’ve heard little about the power of acceptance.  Acceptance has the power to change your life for the better and can positively affect those around you. lists two definitions of the word accept, and the one that has the power to …

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Self-Care on a Budget

Self-Care on a budget Self-care is critical to your well-being!  Just ask any Health & Wellness Coach. If you’re not caring for yourself, it will eventually become impossible for you to care for those you love because you can’t fill someone’s coffee cup if your coffee pot is empty. But what is self-care, and how …

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Emotional Constipation

Life Coach, Melissa, shares about Emotional Constipation and its parallels to physical constipation.

Present and Connected

There is a concept called attunement. This is how we form relationships. Attunement is critical for everyone, especially infants.

Decluttering Like a Boss

You do NOT have to be Marie Kondo to be able to Declutter Like a Boss! Today I want to talk to you about letting go. If we ever hope to achieve any new goal, we have to let go of our junk! Ok, you ready? True confession: I have not watched one single, solitary episode …

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