Success Stories

Find encouragement as my clients share their stories. 
Evan H

Evan H.

Before I experienced Transformational Life Coaching with Melissa, I struggled with depression and anxiety.  I was tired all the time and just not satisfied.  My body was having difficulty healing from surgery and I just, in general, felt broken.  As a result of Coaching, I became more in tune with the needs of my body and started eating and sleeping better.  I realized that I had stopped participating in the hobbies that made me happy and were able to face and overcome some of the major limiting beliefs that I’ve held since I was a small child.  And now I have a better relationship with food, am healing, and I am setting goals for my career that no longer feels hopeless.  My relationship with my wife has improved and through continual check-ins with Melissa, I am able to keep working toward my goal of being an amazing husband and father to our future kids.

Beverli M.

Before coaching with Melissa, I had lost all motivation and had no hope due to the ravages that COVID-19 had on the world and my life.  I got married and inherited two bonus kids during COVID and learning how to be a mom and wife during one of my most stressful years has been a challenge.  Melissa helped me to realize that I cannot teach my children what I do not have, learn how to be alone with myself and my thoughts, and that it is OK for things to be good for me.  What I loved most about coaching with Melissa was learning to choose to do the things that I love and share them with the people in my life and seeing the positive changes I am making bleed over to my bonus daughters as they implement the same skills that I have learned.

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Jackie G.

Before working with Melissa, I was not sure what direction I wanted to take regarding my business and I had a hard time dealing with the stress in my life. I am a mess when it comes to making decisions, so I was hoping for some help in that area as well.  Melissa really is a Master transformational life coach. I have been transforming for a few months now. Gaining confidence in areas I had none and taking actions I was not able to before. In the beginning, I was resistant to taking the action steps that Melissa recommended.  Sometimes I thought she was nuts! However, I figured I was the one who signed up for this, I might as well try. In a matter of weeks, I lowered my blood pressure significantly. A long-time friend even told me she didn’t think she had ever seen me this calm. I have started paying attention to the things I need to and less to the things I don’t. I still don’t like making decisions or plans, but I am getting better at it and am not finished yet.

Sondra B.

Before I worked with Melissa I was struggling with anxiety, stress, and constant fear that the worst case scenario would happen to my baby girl.  I was paralyzed and it was affecting my relationship with my husband and my 7 year old daughter.  By the end of our first session, I already began to feel lighter and see my thought patterns shifting.  Now I’m showing up positively for myself and my family every day.  I’ve learned that I need time alone to effectively care for myself so that I can give my best to the ones I love.  I never realized how much I needed this experience of coaching and am grateful for having Melissa as my life coach.  I was on a wonky path there for awhile ,but Melissa brought me back to the self I was made to be.

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Image of Laurie S.


Before coaching with Melissa, I struggled with feeling out of control in my eating habits, my exercise routine, and struggled to create daily time with God.  Then Melissa taught me how to trade self-judgment and self-criticism for curiosity, fun, and self-care.  The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with Melissa are realizing I can lose weight without being on a restrictive diet, putting away the scale and using other methods to track my progress, and eat every meal mindfully and consciously.  What I loved most about coaching with Melissa is that she helped me realize my own self-sabotaging behavior and gave me lasting habits to keep that part of my brain soothed instead of sitting on my shoulder convincing me to maintain my old way of life.

Karen M. 

I didn’t even know I needed Life Coaching. Melissa effortlessly guided me and helped me to answer problems I didn’t even know existed. This resolution helped create such peace and calm and resolve for me. As a result of coaching I realized that I cannot solve everyone else’s problems. I can help guide them, but I am not responsible for their choices, and nor should I be. Now I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I can breathe more easily and I feel less stressed. I am forever grateful for her abilities. Her ability to guide you into areas of your life, and help you understand yourself and others in a different light was a true awakening for me.

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Sarah H.

Before coaching with Melissa, I struggled with feeling overwhelmed in my daily life, feelings of unhappiness, and a lack of positivity in my life.  Then Melissa taught me how to prioritize my needs so that I can give to others out of abundance instead of emptiness.  I have had significant results from my time coaching with Melissa.  My relationship with my husband has improved dramatically, I have traded out the idea that I “have to” accomplish so much throughout my day to being thankful that I “get to” do the many things that used to drag me down, and tuning into the Holy Spirit and realizing that I have put my relationship with God on the back burner for quite a while.  What I loved most about coaching with Melissa is that she helped me realize the way that I sabotage myself before I even get started and I’m looking forward to nourishing my creativity while still being a wife and mother of two active boys.