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Essential Oils are Amazing

They can assist in bringing many of our body’s systems back into balance.  However, whenever I give a presentation about essential oils, I always include a slide that says:


Overuse of any substance can cause harm to our bodies and essential oils are no different.image showing sensitization to Essential Oils

At the end of every blog I try to remind people to:

consult a Registered Aromatherapist
before using any essential oil (EO) blend or if you have any questions.

WebMd Speaks Up…

Last month, WebMd posted an article entitled “Essential Oils Promise Help, But Beware the Risks.”  As I was reading through this article, I was reminded of the above statements that I make whenever I’m trying to educate people about the safe use of essential oils.  People are told again and again, by salespeople, that Essential Oils are natural and safe.  They are assured that they can use them liberally both topically and internally with complete safety.  My heart broke as I read this woman’s story about how she dove into using EOs, so completely, that she eventually ended up with a rash, to which the salesperson tole her to apply a different EO to counter the rash, then welts began to creep across her abdomen and up her trunk and neck, and she eventually went to the ER with oozing blisters and swollen eyes.

Essential oils ARE natural (so are rattlesnakes!), but if they are used in an unsafe way and without being fully informed of the cautions and safety measures, they can harm you and your loved ones.

I wrote a blog back in June 2017 explaining what it takes to become a Registered Aromatherapist (RA).  Most of my education has been learning about individual essential oils, their safety protocols, cautions and contraindications, recommended daily dosage, etc.  It is vital to consider each and every facet of an essential oil when you choose to use them to help your body remain in balance.  An RA is the person to ask if you’re considering using any essential oil for yourself, your family, or your pets.  Remember, a salesperson is selling you something, an RA is someone who has spend hundreds of hours becoming familiar with the ins and outs of Essential Oils and their safety.

Local Media Chimes In….

Just yesterday, WQOW of Claire, WI, posted a segment entitled “why essential oil can be poisonous for your pet.”  They spoke with a veterinarian and highlighted one specific oil that can be toxic to animals.

Back in May of this year, I had to do a live presentation for one of my classes and essential oil pet safety was the focus.  I have since given that same presentation in a “Train-the-Trainer” session PetSmart and pet safety is a question that comes up quite often in my day-to-day dealings with people who find out what I do.  I find this line of questioning a bit disconcerting, though, because people seem to be much more concerned about essential oil safety in regards to their animals than their families.

Conspiracy Theory Alert…

I don’t believe much in coincidence.  I don’t think it is by chance that these two stories have cropped up so close to each other.  Knowing how our media works (if it bleeds it leads), I would not be surprised to see many more stories about how harmful Essential Oils can be in an effort to scare people into not using them.  BE ADVISED

To use Essential Oils safely for therapeutic benefit, please consult with an RA.  Do not consult random websites, social media sites, retail stores, etc.  If you are dealing with a medical issue, get a diagnosis from your doctor and then examine all of the treatments (Traditional medicine or Complimentary Alternative Modaliites- CAM) available and make an informed decision.

Some Safety Basics…

  • Always store your EOs out of direct sunlight, in a cool area, and away from moisture
  • Do NOT use any EOs that are oxidized
  • NEVER apply EOs neat (undiluted)
  • ALWAYS dilute EOs to an appropriate ratio
    • .5-1% for children and elderly
    • 2% for a healthy adult or massage oil
  • ALWAYS consult an RA if you have any questions


As I said in my very first blog post: “I believe that we should all have the right to choose what we do with our body and our health”

I do know, however, that safety is vital and we should seek out expert advice any time we choose to use any remedy to help bring our bodies back into balance.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to post them below or send me a message.  And, always consult a Registered Aromatherapist before using any essential oil blend or if you have any questions.