How Aromatherapy Saved My Life

Registered Aromatherapist, Melissa Holman

It might seem strange to say that something like Aromatherapy saved my life, but it’s true! 

I doubt I would still be alive if I had not stepped into this Complimentary Modality when I did. 

Going to school and becoming an Aromatherapist changed my life trajectory, allowing me to heal my mind, body, and spirit from the inside out.

Where I was before:

Back in the early 90s, I was comfortably inside what I call my mom bubble. Every ounce of energy was focused on my family. I had two pre-teens and two under two. I was in it with every ounce of my being. I took my job as a mom seriously and would do everything I could to raise my kids to be capable adults.  

My mom was a Certified Aromatherapist then, but I didn’t understand what that meant. She would try to share things that could naturally help me and my family, but I couldn’t hear her.

I put every ounce of energy into my family and couldn’t learn anything new. Shoot! I was still trying to learn how to be a mom!

When I tell you that I put every ounce of energy into parenting, I mean it! Cooking from scratch, homeschooling, Scoutmastering, Band, and more.

Now what?

When my youngest was a senior in high school, I returned to the workforce; I took a job with my Chiropractor and began to pour all my “mom energy” into that job.

My body began revolting, but I didn’t listen.

I started having major digestive issues, chronic pain, chronic shingles, anxiety, and depression.  

Patients would ask how I was doing, and I would share how I was feeling while ignoring all my symptoms and still being cheerful.

Several patients began sharing essential oils to help me manage my symptoms. However, their instructions didn’t sit right with me as I remembered the education my mom received back in the late 80s.

With encouragement from my family, I applied!

I told my hubs that I wanted to go to school and learn about Aromatherapy. I found the Americal College of Healthcare Sciences and began learning about Aromatherapy safety, chemistry, applications, therapeutic benefits, biology, and more. 

I was hooked!

The best part about my ACHS education is that it was Holistic. It built on everything I learned at the chiropractic office and helped me know more about the mind-body connection and how everything is connected.

Aromatherapy saved my life by igniting my desire to learn again. I graduated from the college in 2018 and began meeting with clients.

What Aromatherapy ignited in me:

Working with clients, I quickly realized that I loved to dig deep to understand the root cause of what their symptoms were trying to say.  

I read, took classes, and learned more about the mind-body connection and how our thoughts and beliefs influence our bodies’ wellness. 

Meeting with a client quickly turned into a fact-finding mission, and I realized that Aromatherapy was the doorway that allowed me to invite my clients into more profound healing. 

Working with clients and helping them reach the root cause led me to pursue Life Coaching and Energetic Healing certifications.

Aromatherapy saved my life by igniting a passion for learning.

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Life Coach, Melissa Holman

Where Aromatherapy made the most significant difference:

Throughout my Aromatherapy Education, I experimented on myself as I learned how to apply essential oils to various physical, mental, and spiritual issues. I conducted case studies on all of the areas where I was struggling. I experienced the beautiful power inside essential oils and saw how they can positively affect a person’s well-being. 

As I continued my education in the Coaching and Energetic Healing Arenas, I blended that Holistic mindset with masterful coaching and energy to create a unique healing experience for my clients. 

Taking all of these modalities and applying them to my broken body helped me understand how important it is to care for yourself. God has given each of us one life; I am responsible for making my life I can by caring for myself holistically. 

Suppose I push my body beyond what it can do and continually ignore its needs. In that case, it will do everything possible to tell me it can’t go on: digestive issues, chronic pain, chronic shingles, anxiety, and depression. 

Aromatherapy saved my life by showing me how to care for myself sustainably.

Registered Aromatherapist, Life Coach, CECP…

My healing journey took me from Chiropractic Assistant to Aromatherapist, Life Coach, and Energy Healer. 

I NOW CAN HEAR because I took the time to learn about holistic wellness. 

I can hear when my mind, body, or spirit is crying out for attention, and I can trust my intuition to know how to meet their needs.  

When my mind and body were disconnected and suffering because of it, my decision to pursue an Aromatherapy education led to a lifetime of holistic education and healing.  That is how Aromatherapy saved my life.