Lemon Balm Coaching and Aromatic Remedies Press Kit

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Melissa is a former USAF Security Forces Veteran.  She has been a Stay at Home Mom, a Homeschooling Mom, a Scout Master for her sons, a baker, quilter, and more.  She and her husband have been married 30 years and they have four grown children and five grandchildren (so far).  She has a Scottish Terrier who is also her fully-trained and certified Service Dog helping her manage the stress, anxiety, and depression that was triggered by menopause.  She found her calling through many different catalysts and now uses her Aromatherapy skills to help her Life Coaching Clients manage stress and life’s challenges.   Lemon Balm Coaching materialized in 2020, two years after she graduated from her Aromatherapy training.  Melissa realized that how she was helping her clients, through clear and compelling questions, was just as important as the Bespoke blends she created for them.  Her vision is to help those who desperately want to become a better version of themselves, but cannot manage the habit change needed to achieve their goal.


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