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A Super Secret Blog Post containing 5 Tips to help anyone who is stressed out to find PEACE. Inside, I share some of my favorite ways to decrease stress in your every day life.

Essential Guide to Diffusion
The Essential Guide to Diffusion

In this Super Secret Blog Post I share all about how to safely diffuse essential oils. I also share my favorite places to purchase essential oils of the highest quality and my favorite ones to diffuse.

Youtube Chat with Katrin Birkholz of Blend Precisely

I had the honor of speaking with the Blend Precisely Community about Time Management; one of the many things I help my clients overcome.

Guest Interview on Something I Can Do

Join me on the “Something I Can Do” Podcast as I chat with fellow Aromatherapist and Podcaster, Mandy Fitzgerald.  The goal of her Podcast is to remind us that there is something  that we can do to help battle and manage the symptoms of PTSD and Trauma.  

Guest interview on the Self Love Podcasat

I had the honor of being a guest on the Self Love Podcast hosted by the amazing Kim Morrison.  I would be honored if you would listen as we dive into many different topics including Self Love!

Volant Aroma

A new startup, Volant Aroma, out of the Netherlands, created a featured Blog post and I was named among the Top 50 Aromatherapists of 2022.