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5 Clues to know if you're an Unemotional Wreck
Are You An Unemotional Wreck?

This checklist will help you know, for sure, if you’re an Unemotional Wreck.  Simply click the link to gain access and find out!

Life Coach Melissa Holman on Soul Care Mom Podcast
The Soul Care Mom Podcast Interview

I had the opportunity to sit down with Catherine to share more of my story.  There’s some crazy stuff! Give it a listen to hear more of my background and how I reinvented myself after 20+ years.

Life Coach for Unemotional Wrecks Melissa Holman
Essential Aromatica Podcast Interview

I had such an amazing time sitting with Amy on the Essential Aromatica podcast talking all about Unemotional Wrecks and Aromatherapy!  Check it out!

Youtube Chat with Katrin Birkholz of Blend Precisely

I had the honor of speaking with the Blend Precisely Community about Time Management; one of the many things I help my clients overcome.

Guest interview on the Self Love Podcasat

I had the honor of being a guest on the Self Love Podcast hosted by the amazing Kim Morrison.  I would be honored if you would listen as we dive into many different topics including Self Love!

Guest Interview on Something I Can Do

Join me on the “Something I Can Do” Podcast as I chat with fellow Aromatherapist and Podcaster, Mandy Fitzgerald.  The goal of her Podcast is to remind us that there is something  that we can do to help battle and manage the symptoms of PTSD and Trauma.  

Volant Aroma

A new startup, Volant Aroma, out of the Netherlands, created a featured Blog post and I was named among the Top 50 Aromatherapists of 2022.

Paperbell Coaching CRM

I use Paperbell for my Client Relationship Management.  It is a great platform for all of your client management needs.  Including landing pages, package creation, e-mail management, scheduling, notes, and more.

Interested in becoming a Certified Aromatherapist?  Jennscents Aromaversity is one of the many options for Aromatherapy Training.  Check it out!