Say Hello to the Emotion Code

I recently added a new healing modality, the Emotion Code, to my already fantastic kit of tools to help you. I’ve known about this modality for several years but felt that now was the time to dive in.  

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an Energetic Healing Modality.  

Think back to your high school science days. You learned that everything is made up of energy. Energy is the primary vibrational material that creates everything, including your phone, desk, car, thoughts, emotions, and the human body. Energy is everywhere at all times. God, in His infinite wisdom, gave us energy as a building tool and as a way to connect with each other.

Have you ever been in a room and known that someone has entered, even though you didn’t see it happen? Have you ever felt a connection (a heart swell or a heartache) over a distance? That’s an energetic connection.

Energy can be visible and invisible. Your emotions are invisible energy. Just like the wind, you cannot see the energy, but you can see its effects. Every emotion vibrates at its own specific frequency, and every organ in your body also. 

Everyone carries emotional baggage: the trapped emotional energy of past experiences. Trapped emotions are leftover energy stuck in the body that you couldn’t process at the time.  

I can connect with your subconscious mind, decode your trapped emotions, and then release them through the Emotion Code.  After your trapped emotions are released, you can move forward with a cleaner emotional slate.

Story Time:

The people in my Coaching and Aromatherapy circles are very familiar with another energetic healing modality: Reiki – one of many Japanese techniques for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. I have never been a fan of Reiki because it seems very vague and also because of a not-so-great experience.

I used the be a bass drummer in a bagpipe band. In 2008, my bandSilver Thistle, competed in Scotland at the World Pipeband Championships.  

As you can imagine, a 5’4″ grandma carrying that massive, amazing, beautiful drum could cause some back pain. Not to mention that I had been in a few collisions throughout my life, creating lasting neck and back issues.  

Life Coach, Melissa Holman, with Silver Thistle Pipes and Drums bandmates

About the fifth day into our two-week trip, the three-a-day rehearsals started to take their toll. I needed to find relief for my tight muscles and lower back pain, or I wouldn’t be able to continue rehearsals, much less show up at my best on competition day.

I took a short trip to downtown Glasgow with my boys (they were a part of the band, too) and found the bookstore. We are all a bit nerdy and enjoyed browsing the shelves on our time off from band practice.  

As I rounded the corner, I saw a woman set up with her massage chair. I was elated! I didn’t care how much it cost, I needed a massage, and I needed it bad!

Sign me up!

Frustration and Disappointment

She started working on my neck and back and spent about 10 minutes of the 20-minute session massaging. She hovered over me the rest of the time, waving her hands. I knew she was practicing Reiki, but that was not what I signed up for. I needed hands-on massage work for my extremely tight muscles. 

What frustrated me the most was that I didn’t consent to a Reiki treatment. My subconscious mind did not participate without consent, and I lost valuable hands-on therapy.  

I was disappointed. Fortunately, we had a trained massage therapist in the drumline, and I was able to take advantage of his skilled hands.  

How Does The Emotion Code Work?

As an Emotion Code Practitioner, the first thing I do is receive consent from my client. 

Consent is critical! With permission, I can connect and do the work energetically. Without verbal consent, the subconscious mind will not allow access to the Trapped Emotions.

Once I receive consent, I take a moment of silence to invite God into the session; since He is the creator of energy, it seems only right.

Then, I connect with the energy of your subconscious mind and we dive into your trapped emotions, identify them, learn more if needed (which isn’t always the case…you can release without knowing or sharing all the details) and then release the vibrational energy of the trapped emotions that have been affecting your mind, body, and spirit.

What are Trapped Emotions?

Trapped emotions are precisely what they sound like. Emotions that are trapped inside your body.

When you go through an experience, your subconscious mind will sometimes allow you to set aside the emotions of the situation until you have the space and energy to deal with them. Trapped emotions aren’t always due to something significant happening; it could simply be that you need to continue focusing and moving forward.  

Regardless of why an emotion is trapped, the fact remains that they are.  We all have emotional baggage, trapped emotions, that wreaks havoc on our  systems.

What’s the point?

Why is it important to release your trapped emotions?  When an emotion is trapped inside, it’s affecting your organs.  

Your organs vibrate at a specific frequency allowing it to function.  When an emotion is trapped inside that organ, its vibrational frequency interrupts the perfect function and invites malfunction and dis-ease.

And when you take the time to release your emotional baggage, your trapped emotions, using the Emotion Code, your mind, body, and spirit will begin to vibrate and function without interference.

I came to my first Emotion Code session with Pain in my hands and knees and Difficulty making bowel movements. During my session I felt my ears begin to drain and warmth in my chest. After my session, I was VERY surprised to make an EASY bowel movement and have had easy movements every day since. This was NOT expected!
Dawn D.