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image of bedbug bites

Heat Hives?

My client thought she was experiencing heat hives until she found the culprit!

Anti-Pruritus Case Study

This Case Study is published in “Aromatics In Action” the professional journal of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists; Issue 2: Winter 2018 This One is Close to My Heart One of the most rewarding things about my schooling so far has been conducting case studies.  I enjoy helping people find relief from their symptoms so …

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What Can Essential Oils Really Do?

Case Studies I have in front of me a stack of case studies that I have completed over the past two semesters. A case study is a detailed account of the history, presenting symptoms, observations, assessment, treatment and follow-up of an individual client or patient (Menard, 2009) Completing case studies is something that must be …

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